Streaming to Winamp

2001-12-18 22:44:00 +0000

Since the Audio Receiver Manager (the server) uses HTTP to stream the MP3 data to the Rio Receiver, it’s possible (with some work) to stream directly to Winamp. Here’s how.

For a simple example, we’ll play a playlist.

Enter http://hostname:12078/content/100?_extended=1 into your browser, remembering to replace hostname with the name of the machine running the server. Note, however, that localhost won’t work.

You’ll get something like this:

12cc0=PBanco De Gaia - Big Men Cry 11740=PBlue Lines 12cd0=PBoundary Conditions 117b0=PCafe del Mar Vol 1 117c0=PCafe del Mar Vol 2

Each line reads as fid=PTitle. The fid is the internal ID of the item in question. The “P” denotes that this is a playlist, and the title is obvious. We’ll pick one of these playlists, e.g. “Cafe def Mar Vol 1”

Enter the same query as above, but replacing the “100” with one of the fids in the list. In our example, that will be http://hostname:12078/content/117b0?_extended=1

This results in the following:

7a80=TAgua 7ae0=TThe Story Of Light 7ab0=TSmokebelch II (Beatless Mix) 7a70=TMusic For A Found Harmonium 7a60=TSundance 7a30=TFanfare Of Life 7ac0=TThe Hypnotist 7a90=TSecond Hand 7aa0=TCrazy Ivan 7a40=TEstelle 7a50=TOn The Rocks 7ad0=TSunset At The Cafe Del Mar

These are all tunes (denoted by the “T”). Let’s say that we want to listen to “Crazy Ivan”. To do this, we simply point Winamp (using the Open URL feature) at http://hostname:12078/content/7aa0

And that’s it. In next week’s instalment: How to use your browser to run queries against the Audio Receiver Manager database.