empeg files

7 Mar 2002 12:21 empeg

Some stripped down utilities for the empeg:

  • base.tar.gz: binaries, libraries, etc. to get ping, rsync, etc. working.
  • configs.tar.gz: my configuration files; use them as examples.

To install them, use ZModem transfer in minicom:

  1. Press Ctrl+C to quit the player.
  2. Re-mount the disks read/write: rw ; rwm
  3. cd /drive0
  4. In minicom, Ctrl+A, S, select zmodem.
  5. Browse to the file to send: To enter a directory, press Space twice. To select a file, press Space once. Press Enter to start the upload.
  6. cd /
  7. tar xfz /drive0/base.tar.gz, for example.
  8. Re-mount the disks read-only: ro ; rom. This might not work (mount: / is busy); in that case, press Ctrl+D to return to the player and then Ctrl+C to quit the player. The player will re-mount the disks read-only when it quits.