RJ45/UTP Crimps

23 Jun 2003 15:16

(Seen from the bottom of the connector, so that the tab is facing away from you, and the gold pins are facing towards you) Pin 1 is on the left. Pin 8 is on the right.


UTP Crimp: 568A. G/ G O/ B B/ O Br/ Br


UTP Crimp: 568B. O/ O G/ B B/ G Br/ Br

If you’re making a normal (straight-through) cable, pick either 568A or 568B and make sure that both ends are the same. I usually pick 568B.

If you’re making a cross-over cable, one end should be 568A and the other end should be 568B. Many network devices today support auto-crossover.

This is only correct for 100BASE-TX or 10BASE-T cross-over cables; 1000BASE-T cross-over cables also have blue and brown crossed. See https://www.flukenetworks.com/knowledge-base/dsx-cableanalyzer-series/crossover-cable-testing-dsx-cable-analyzer.