CPropertySheet vs CPropertySheetEx in Visual Studio .NET 2003

8 Jan 2004 17:05 mfc visual-studio

The program that I’m working on at the moment needs a wizard to walk the user through something. I copied over some files from a Wizard97 demo project that I wrote a while ago. It all seemed to be going well.

Except, that is, that IntelliSense in Visual Studio kept pretending that my classes were derived from CPropertySheet or CPropertyPage, rather than CPropertySheetEx or CPropertyPageEx respectively.

This was confusing.

It turns out that at some point between VC6 and VS.NET, Microsoft changed the definition of CPropertySheetEx and CPropertyPageEx in the MFC headers. They are the same – one is a #define of the other.

So, that’s IntelliSense 1, Roger 0.