Building Jam on Windows NT

9 Jan 2004 10:28 jam

First, you’ll need to download jam version 2.3.2 from in zip format or as a tar.gz

Unpack the contents into a new directory. Edit the Makefile, and uncomment the relevant lines under the comment:

# NT (with Microsoft compiler)

Tell it where your VC++ libraries live. This might not work if you’ve installed VC++ in the default location (spaces in the path names, see). I haven’t, so I just:

set MSVCNT=P:\VStudio\VC98

Build it:

nmake -f Makefile

It’s a bootstrap build process. It uses make (or nmake) to build jam, and then runs jam to build itself again. You should have a jam.exe file in the bin.ntx86 directory. Copy it somewhere sensible.