Resource File Dependencies

10 Jan 2004 21:49 jam

Our MFC application has a resource script. This resource script suffers from a minor problem: It’s not dependency-scanned. If we edit any file included by it – for example the .rc2 file, it’s not rebuilt properly.

We need to add the following to our Resource rule:

    NEEDLIBS on $(_e) += $(_r) ;

    # .rc files have #includes, but this limits the dependency search to
    # the .rc's directory and the SubDirHdrs for this directory.

    HDRS on $(_r) = $(HDRS) $(SEARCH_SOURCE) $(SUBDIRHDRS) ;

    HDRRULE on $(_s) = HdrRule ;
    HDRSCAN on $(_s) = $(HDRPATTERN) ;
    HDRGRIST on $(_s) = $(HDRGRIST) ;

    Rc $(_r) : $(_s) ;

Source is here.