Changing the output directories when converting a Visual C++ 6 project to Visual C++ 7.1

12 Oct 2006 11:16 visual-studio

When you import a project from Visual C++ 6 into Visual Studio 2003 (i.e. Visual C++ 7.1), it doesn’t fix up the output directories to use the correct definitions.

To fix it, you need to change the following entries, so that they have the correct paths in – or you can specify $(ConfigurationName) or $(IntDir) or $(OutDir) instead.

  • General / Output Directory: This sets $(OutDir). You should probably set it to $(ConfigurationName)
  • General / Intermediate Directory: This sets $(IntDir). You should probably set it to $(ConfigurationName)
  • C/C++ / Precompiled Headers / Precompiled Header File: $(IntDir)/$(TargetName).pch
  • C/C++ / Output Files / ASM List Location: $(IntDir)/
  • C/C++ / Output Files / Object File Name: $(IntDir)/
  • C/C++ / Output Files / Program Database File Name: $(IntDir)/vc70.pdb
  • Linker / General / Output File: $(OutDir)/$(ProjectName).exe
  • Linker / Debugging / Generate Program Database File: $(OutDir)/$(ProjectName).pdb
  • Linker / Advanced / Import Library: $(OutDir)/$(TargetName).lib
  • Resources / Additional Include Directories: $(IntDir)
  • Resources / Resource File Name: $(IntDir)/$(InputName).res
  • MIDL / Output / Type Library: $(IntDir)/$(ProjectName).tlb

There might be other places you need to check, e.g. depending on whether you’ve got browser information turned on.