Finding it difficult to export content from Drupal

20 Dec 2011 16:14

This is some background to my Finding it difficult to export content from #drupal. tweet.

I’ve been using drupal for about a million years, and generally like it. However, it doesn’t really have first-class support for embedded images, and I always run into difficulty when upgrading it.

So, because I’m a developer, my first thought was to write my own blog engine. This is (or was, 5 years ago) the modern equivalent of a “Hello World” program. It was going to have XML-RPC support, so that you could use Live Writer.

First, though I needed to export my content from drupal, probably to BlogML. This is harder than it should be. Hence the tweet.

I made a start, but I don’t have as much time to work on personal projects as I used to, so I’ve given up. It turns out that writing a blog engine is harder than you’d think.

That said, there’s some code at that implements a simple XML-RPC backend, based on Clemens Vaster’s implementation, and also has the beginnings of a drupal-to-BlogML exporter, using BlogML .NET.