What is this?

6 Feb 2013 21:25 blogging
2022-09-11: This blog continues to be hosted on GitHub Pages; this page is of historical interest only. If that.

I got fed up with my existing blog, so I decided to write a new blog engine, as a way to learn some new tech.

I do this every two or three years: spend a few hours playing with new technology, and then getting distracted and moving on to something else. It’s a good way to learn new technology though.

With this in mind, this blog engine is going to use all of the latest shiny:

  • node.js, using Express.
  • Some form of document database. Either MongoDB or CouchDB.
  • Twitter Bootstrap for the styling.
  • I’m also considering running it on EC2, rather than on my PC at home.
  • I might even throw in some KnockoutJS or similar.
  • Unfortunately, I can’t particularly see a niche for socket.io, so I’ll probably leave that out.

The source code is up on GitHub: http://github.com/rlipscombe/blog.