No new blog engine

26 Apr 2015 08:13 blogging
2022-09-11: This blog continues to be hosted on GitHub Pages; this page is of historical interest only. If that.

Periodically, I become unhappy with my blog implementation and decide that I should do something about it.

Then, because writing a blog engine is harder than you think, I generally give up.

This weekend, I came to the conclusion that Jekyll is probably the right idea.

So I cobbled something together in node.js to scrape the content from the MySql database behind my original drupal-powered blog and pushed the results to GitHub Pages.

However, I’m not going to continue to use GitHub pages, because I want better access to the webserver logs (for ‘page not found’ errors, etc.), and I might want to experiment with Jekyll plugins.

And, because a blog should allow comments, I’ve installed Discourse.

Update: 20 Apr 2019

I am going to continue with GitHub Pages; I use Google Analytics for 404 errors; the list of plugins supported by GitHub Pages is OK; I uninstalled Discourse; I’m at peace with not allowing comments.