Which Erlang compiler was used?

2 Nov 2021 09:04 erlang

To get the version of the compiler used to compile a particular .beam file:

Beam = "path/to/foo.beam".
{ok, {_Module, [{compile_info, CInf}]}} = beam_lib:chunks(Beam, [compile_info]).
CVsn = proplists:get_value(version, CInf).

Erlang/OTP version?

However, the compiler is versioned independently from the main Erlang/OTP version. For example, Erlang/OTP 24.0.6 has compiler version 8.0.2.

If you want to find out which compiler goes with which OTP version, it gets tricky.

The release notes can be found here: https://www.erlang.org/news/tag/release. For each of those, find the corresponding README (for example https://erlang.org/download/OTP-24.1.README). That, however, doesn’t track point-releases.

The compiler has its own release notes, here: http://erlang.org/doc/apps/compiler/notes.html, which tracks point releases, but doesn’t mention Erlang/OTP versions.


If you’re using kerl to manage your Erlang versions, you can try this:

# ~/.kerl/erlangs is where I keep my kerl installs.
$ find ~/.kerl/erlangs/ -name 'compiler-*' | sort

Erlang/OTP repository

If you’ve got a local erlang/otp repo, you can use the following:

git tag | grep "^OTP-" | while read -r tag ; do vsn="$(git show "${tag}:lib/compiler/vsn.mk")" ; echo "$tag: $vsn" ; done

git blame / git tag

Alternatively, you could use git blame lib/compiler/doc/src/notes.xml to see which commit added the change notes. From there, you can use git tag --contains <commit>.