Daemonset not running on new node

4 Nov 2023 12:47 kubernetes

As part of my over-engineered doorbell project, I’ve added a new Raspberry Pi node to my K3s cluster, but none of the daemonsets are being scheduled onto it.

Specifically, I have 7 nodes, and all of my daemonsets are showing desiredNumberScheduled: 6.

Running kubectl get node doorbell -o yaml shows that the node has a NoSchedule taint:

  - effect: NoSchedule
    key: node.cloudprovider.kubernetes.io/uninitialized
    value: "true"

This is weird; I’ve never seen this with K3s before. All of the things I can find on the Internet talk about a Cloud Provider. But I’m not using one of those…?

I don’t see anything obvious in journalctl -u k3s-agent.

I have no idea whether this is the correct thing to do or not, but I manually removed the taint:

kubectl taint node doorbell node.cloudprovider.kubernetes.io/uninitialized=true:NoSchedule-

…and things started being scheduled to the node.

Because the new node is a Raspberry Pi, and it’s relatively underpowered, I probably want to explore taints and tolerations in more depth, to avoid running anything except essential pods on it.