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Finding IIS Worker Processes

13 May 2013 13:37 powershell iis

How do we find out if there’s a worker process for an application pool? Note that there can be more than one worker process for each application pool. Note also that a worker process can host multiple web applications.

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PowerShell and enums

17 Apr 2013 11:29 powershell

PowerShell has a really cool feature where it’ll coerce a string into an enum value. I’ll demonstrate by exporting a certificate from the Windows certificate store:

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PowerShell tip: Deleting certificates

31 Jul 2012 10:20 powershell
$certs = Get-ChildItem cert:\LocalMachine\My | where { $_.Subject like 'CN=Victim*' }
foreach ($cert in $certs) {
    $store = Get-Item $cert.PSParentPath
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PowerShell: ImportSystemModules

5 Jan 2012 13:58 powershell

I’ve been using PowerShell as a better Command Prompt for a while now. Increasingly, however, it’s one of the first tools I reach for when I come across a problem, rather than being an afterthought.

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