Multiple Laptops, Multiple Monitors, Redux

11 Oct 2022 13:03

This is a follow-up to Multiple Laptops, Multiple Monitors; I’ve changed jobs (meaning a new work laptop) and I bought a Surface Dock 2 to go with my Surface Book 3.

The Surface Dock simplifies things: rather than using DP-MST (passthrough) to drive the two monitors (as I was previously), I can now just run the dock connector from the Surface Book 3 to the dock, and from there, one USB-C cable to each of the monitors. It all works; I now have three screens (laptop, monitor 1, monitor 2, from left-to-right).

Similarly, the Caldigit USB-C Pro dock, that I had previously, works perfectly with my new Apple MacBook Pro (Apple M1 Pro), and I can run a Thunderbolt cable from the Mac to the Caldigit dock, and then a Displayport cable to each of the two monitors.

For a keyboard, I’m using a Logitech MX Keys. For a mouse, I’m using a Logitech MX Ergo (trackball). I’m using Bluetooth to switch the keyboard and mouse between the laptops.

I’m no longer using the Linux desktop, but if I were, the monitors both still have their HDMI inputs available.

(I’d redo the pictures from the previous post, but I cancelled my Lucidchart license)