Linux on Sony Vaio - Firewire DVD-ROM drive

4 Feb 2003 14:47 linux sony-vaio

To get the DVD-ROM drive working, you’ll need to compile your kernel with the following options:

CONFIG_SCSI=m (SCSI Support ---> SCSI Support)
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR=m (SCSI Support ---> SCSI CD-ROM support)
CONFIG_IEEE1394=m (IEEE 1394 ---> IEEE 1394)
CONFIG_IEEE1394_OHCI1394=m (IEEE 1394 ---> OHCI-1394)
CONFIG_IEEE1394_SBP2=m (IEEE 1394 ---> SBP-2)
CONFIG_ISO9660_FS=m (File systems ---> ISO 9660)
CONFIG_JOLIET=y (File systems ---> Microsoft Joliet)
CONFIG_ZISOFS=y (File systems ---> Transparent Decompression extension)
CONFIG_ZISOFS_FS=m (automatic)

You don’t need any of the SCSI low-level drivers.

This should be sufficient to support the Firewire controller, and to support the DVD-ROM drive. Build and install your new kernel, and reboot.

Connect the DVD-ROM drive and put in a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (or a DVD video or audio disc).

Then, as root:

# modprobe ohci1394
# modprobe sbp2
# mount /dev/scd0 /mnt

Your CD or DVD should now be visible in /mnt.