Integrating direnv with ghc

2 Feb 2020 15:32 direnv haskell ghc

I’m reading “Practical Haskell”, which requires a different version of Haskell than Ubuntu installs so I figured I’d add another entry to my direnv series.

Install the GHC PPA with sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hvr/ghc, then install the relevant version of GHC and Cabal. For “Practical Haskell”, this is:

sudo apt-get install ghc-8.6.3 cabal-install-2.4

Then add the following to ~/.direnvrc:

use_ghc() {
    load_prefix "$GHC_PREFIX"

use_cabal() {
    load_prefix "$CABAL_PREFIX"

Then add the following to .envrc:

use ghc 8.6.3
use cabal 2.4