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Jam: Linking with System Libraries

4 Jul 2004 07:00 jam

Obviously, your code doesn’t just link with your libraries. It also has to link with some of the system libraries. Jam manages this by using the LINKLIBS variable. The simplest way to make this work is something like the following:

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Resource File Dependencies

10 Jan 2004 21:49 jam

Our MFC application has a resource script. This resource script suffers from a minor problem: It’s not dependency-scanned. If we edit any file included by it – for example the .rc2 file, it’s not rebuilt properly.

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Conflicting 'lib' target

9 Jan 2004 10:39 jam

empeg’s source tree has a directory called lib, in which the core libraries used by all of our products live. Unfortunately, this conflicts with one of the included pseudo-targets that jam uses.

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Linker Command Line Length

9 Jan 2004 10:37 jam

Jam imposes a hard limit of 996 characters on command lines when built on NT. This limit is higher for other operating systems, and can actually be raised to around 10Kb on Windows 2000. However, it’s still not high enough for some link actions.

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