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19 May 2004 14:24 mfc

If you specify LPSTR_TEXTCALLBACK when inserting an item into a ListView control, it no longer supports sorting; you can’t click on the column heading to sort the list control.

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Disabling the Cancel button in a Wizard

9 Jan 2004 13:03 mfc

CPropertySheet provides the SetWizardButtons function, allowing you to enable or disable the “Back” or “Next” buttons. It doesn’t, however, allow you to disable the “Cancel” button.

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Displaying Progress in a Wizard

8 Jan 2004 18:24 mfc

I’m adding a wizard to the program that I’m currently working on. The wizard walks the user through importing some information from a file. I’d like to be able to display the import progress as a seamless part of the wizard.

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7 Jul 2003 17:13 mfc

The ON_COMMAND_RANGE and ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI_RANGE macros are useful when you want to treat a group of commands similarly. In this case, it’s the commands for changing list view style. The command IDs must be contiguous, and you must specify the lower one first.

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