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An empeg reports progress of OP_STATFID

16 Dec 2007 18:53 empeg

We’ve seen the format of the packet that emplode sends to find out the length of a file on the empeg (OP_STATFID). The empeg seems to always send a progress packet in response. The packet looks like this:

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Packet format

16 Dec 2007 18:18 empeg

The format of the packets in the empeg’s TCP/IP protocol owe a lot to the fact that the empeg mk1 communicated over a serial link. This means that there’s a certain amount of cruft still in the protocol.

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Empeg File Structures

13 Feb 2005 10:17 empeg

If you’ve ever gone looking for the music and playlists on your empeg, you’ll find them in the /empeg/fids0 and /empeg/fids1 directories.

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Partitioning an empeg's Hard Disk Manually

25 Mar 2004 09:20 empeg

If you’re attempting to upgrade the hard disk in your empeg, and the disk builder is not working for you (this is often the case with disks larger than 60Gb), then you might want to build your new disk manually.

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Advanced Searches in emplode v2.0

25 Oct 2001 19:29 empeg

emplode v2.0 adds the ability to search your music database. It provides two methods of doing this: simple searches (which are hopefully so simple that I won’t explain them here), and advanced searches.

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