Installing qmail and vpopmail

2004-03-11 09:24:00 +0000

My mail server runs qmail. This is the first of a multipart series showing how I went about installing vpopmail for virtual domain support.


My webserver, on is configured for virtual hosting. Among the different websites that it hosts are and

It also manages email for those domains. Unfortunately, the email system is not set up to allow virtual hosting. This means that any email to (e.g.) gets delivered to the same place as Now, this might not be a problem if the user accounts referred to the same person. Even here, fred might want to keep the two accounts separate.

peculiar is running qmail to handle email. Since it’s running my “production” email, I’m going to install a test box to try all of this out on.


This is what I want out of the mail server when I’m finished:

The test box

Because peculiar is currently handling my “production” email, I don’t want to accidentally break it while trying out all of this new stuff, so I’m going to set it up on a test box.

For this, I’ve dug up my girlfriend’s old PC (a Pentium-200), which should be adequate for this test system. On it, I’ve installed Debian GNU/Linux v3.0 (woody), which is the same version as running on peculiar. The machine is called flimsy.

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