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gen_server debug options

10 May 2023 10:22 erlang

Erlang’s gen_server (and gen_statem, etc.) allow for you to pass {debug, DebugOptions} in gen_server:start_link/4 (et al.). The documentation for it is spread over several pages, making it hard to understand at first. How should we use it?

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Erlang: via

20 Apr 2023 13:02 erlang

Here’s how you can use via in a name specification when starting a gen_server (or gen_statem, etc.) to register your process with a process registry.

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Erlang Clustering: a survey

22 Jan 2023 12:10 erlang

A question on Mastodon asks “What are people using [for cluster management] in 2023?”. I thought I’d address a couple of hidden assumptions in the question and do a quick survey of what’s available.

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Simple log colouring in Erlang

21 Jan 2023 20:40 erlang

By default, the improved logger originally introduced in Erlang/OTP-21 doesn’t support per-level colours. This is something that I miss from lager and from Elixir’s Logger. Here’s a simple way to implement something like lager.

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Building Erlang/OTP

9 Jan 2023 18:06 erlang

There’s more comprehensive information in various files in the HOWTO directory, but ain’t nobody got time for that. This works for me.

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Forking Erlang/OTP

9 Jan 2023 17:49 erlang

Some notes about hacking on and contributing to Erlang, because I don’t do it frequently enough to have all of this in muscle memory.

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Erlang application versioning

22 Dec 2022 13:53 erlang rebar3

When you’re investigating a problem with a deployed application, it’s useful to know precisely which version you’re looking at. Here’s how to automatically set the version number in an Erlang project.

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Erlang clustering recap

11 Nov 2022 19:24 erlang

I want to write a post about using mutual TLS to secure Erlang distribution (clustering), with auto-provisioning of certificates when running in Kubernetes. This is not that post. This is a recap of basic Erlang clustering, to refresh my memory and lay some groundwork.

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Erlang SSH

1 Nov 2022 10:25 erlang ssh

Erlang/OTP provides a built-in SSH client and daemon. You can use this to expose the console directly over SSH.

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Rebuilding kerl Installations

30 Jan 2019 16:50 kerl erlang

If kerl list installations is displaying Erlang installations that you deleted ages ago, and you’ve got all of your installations in ~/.kerl/erlangs/, you can rebuild the list by running the following command:

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Using kerl with direnv

30 Sep 2014 00:00 kerl direnv erlang

kerl allows you to easily build and install multiple Erlang/OTP releases. It’s kinda like nvm or rvm, but for Erlang. It doesn’t do everything, and that’s what direnv is for. direnv allows you to run commands upon entering or leaving a particular directory.

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